The Building

Aracataca Restaurant is located right next to the center of Bogota. It is a place with a lot of movement but it preserves very well some of the historic pieces of the city.

“Parque Central Bavaria”

was the Bavaria beer factory one hundred years ago established by Leo Koop, a German Businessman who contributed to the industrialization of Bogota. The beer was stored in the same building where Aracataca is now days, that is why is called “Torre Cavas”. Aracataca is a magical place not only for its essence but for all the elements that represent it just like the building where it is established.

The Restaurant

Aracataca opened its doors to the public on April 2, 2013. It opened with the idea of serving Colombian food with unique flavors and special nuances.

Furthermore than the offering of an original gastronomy

Aracataca is focused on delivering an experience, a unique experience to everyone who visits the restaurant. With the birdcages, the Caribbean colors, the floor tiles and the yellow butterflies the costumer gets transported to another place of Colombia. Aracataca has always offered the freshest products and the best quality in all of its plates. The purpose of and the heart of Aracataca is to make the costumers feel at home and to enjoy the Colombian flavors.

Yellow Butterflies

Aracataca is also the name of a municipality of Magdalena (North part of Colombia). It is the place where novelist and writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born. He is the author of 100 years of solitude, which won Nobel Prize of literature. Magic Realism influences his literature style; he took the unreal and made it real in the writings of his books.

The yellow butterflies are part of his book

100 Years of Solitude. They became a symbol of his book and of him its self.

Aracataca is built with all these elements that represent Colombia, the magic realism of Gabo in the yellow butterflies, the floor tiles that you can also find in the floors of Cartagena. Bags where the coffee is transported. The boats, the wood in the walls or the fishing nets represent the two oceans that surround the country. All these elements are a mix of the real and the unreal stories in literature and in the real life, just like it is the Magic Realism.